Captain Toad: Treasure Hunt

A 3rd-person kids puzzle prototype based on 'Captain Toad' by Nintendo
This project was made by a small group of 4 students (3 developers and one artist) in the course of two months. The assignment was to make a prototype of our own spin on the game "Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker" by Nintendo. This was a fun project, most of all because the team was perfectly matched. Moreover, this was my first experience with Unity and I learned a lot of my teammates. The artist used 3ds Max and Photoshop for all the art elements in the prototype.
Each of the students had to make their own level, so I made level 3 (see pictures). Other than that, I was also responsible for the patrol enemy, the dead ride in level 3, and the lever-mechanic that can make things turn around to access different parts of the level.
The team members: Sam Vermeir, Sam Cotman, Quinten Wuyts, Koen Vandenberg
Download the game.
Click here.        
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