Big Boys In Space

A 3rd-person co-op action game set in an alien environment
This is a 3rd-person co-op game where you and your buddy crashed on an alien planet and have to fight robots to get to the beacon that can send in a dropship for help. However, to get to the beacon, you need to activate the generators that power that device. In order to do this you have to shoot the aliens and use their scrap to repair the generators. Once you succeed in this task, you can call the dropship to rescue you. My contribution to the game was more gameplay oriented. I created the items, pickups, generators, elevator, beacon and bridge. Moreover, I developed the whole ability system and the base of the enemies, both using inheritance, the wave manager and the dropship sequence.
This was my first group project where we had to finish a whole game, not just the prototype. It was during the development of this game that I realized that gameplay programming is my passion more than the other aspects of the game-making process.
The team members: Sam Vermeir, Simon Verstraete, Klaas Bulcaen, Aäron Alluyn, Bram Delaey


Download the game.
Click here.


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